About the ALMF Scholarship

Max Lees and Annie Dixon at the Leggacy Sessions, Oscar's Alehouse, Belgrave - May 2017

Max Lees and Annie Dixon at the Leggacy Sessions, Oscar's Alehouse, Belgrave - May 2017

The Scholarship is a way we can further Alex Legg's work in encouraging and helping aspiring singer songwriters. 2018 is the 4th year of the Scholarship. Each year for the last 3 years we've given away a $3000 Scholarship to assist an emerging singer songwriter. Past winners have been Tim Hulsman in 2015, Kristian Mizzi and Zac Saber 2016 and Charlie Bedford in 2017. Each of these recipients have been able to develop their careers further and we're happy to help.

The ALMF is looking for a Melbourne based singer/songwriter to be mentored and assisted, both financially and in other ways to develop their songs and career in a meaningful way over a twelve month period. The award consists of a cash prize of $3000.00 plus a days recording and production time at The Bakery, mentorships, connections and any other career assistance and direction we can provide in the spirit of Alex Legg, who devoted some much time and energy to encouraging emerging singer songwriters.

All applicants will have the opportunity to interface with the ALMF Board and make use of whatever advice and resources we can use to help you out. We welcome your contact and are available to provide assistance. We strongly recommend that applicants attend one of the Stage and Songwriting Sessions the ALMF put on, either to perform in the showcase section or simply to introduce yourself to the Board. Details of when these events are held are on our Facebook page and website.

The Scholarship winner will be announced at this years ALMF Concert at The Skylark Room on Sunday Nov 25th at 7pm. All applicants are expected to attend, there will be no prior announcements of the winner.

The successful applicant will not only have great songs but also possess the will and drive to develop a sustainable, long lasting music career. This is not a song or singing competition, we are looking for an artist we can help, whose values and aspirations reflect those of the Foundation. 

Please note there is an application fee of $50.

Submissions close at midnight on Saturday 6th October 2018.