About the ALMF

The Alex Legg Memorial Foundation (ALMF) was established in early 2015 after the sudden untimely death of Alex Legg, an exceptional singer-songwriter, raconteur, mentor, larrikin and treasured friend of a great many people in the hills region of Melbourne and beyond.  Alex was very generous in advice and time with all the hills musical community, regardless of where they were in their career.  The jolt his sudden passing had left many of us both terribly saddened but galvanised and inspired to perpetuate many of the things he stood for in music.


This has resulted in the establishing of several activities overseen by a small committee of his friends and musical associates who are ably supported by many others in the community.  This is all done on a voluntary basis and any money raised goes back to fund the activities of the ALMF.  The overriding focus of this group is to continue with the supporting and mentoring of musicians, particularly, but not exclusively, younger ones, in the development of their careers in any way we can.  Because we have access to an extensive network of contacts, skills and experience available to us, there are not many areas where we cannot provide some assistance to up and coming musical artists.  Stagecraft, voice production, recording, music publishing, songwriting development, professional contacts, technical advice are but some of the areas where the ALMF and their extended community are able to assist.


A series of activities and events have also been established to facilitate interaction between the ALMF and the music community in general.  The Stage and Songwriting Sessions are conducted monthly at the Skylark Room in Upwey and feature a showcase of artists playing, then a guest spot followed by a guest educator talking on various music industry topics such as songwriting tips, recording advice, APRA, getting gigs, applying to festivals. We hope to help!


Every year we provide a scholarship for a musician who we feel we can assist with the development of their career.  In addition to mentoring and support with needs in their career, there is a monetary component of $3,000 attached to the award.  Entrants are encouraged to apply via an application and assessment process and the winner announced and presented with the award at an annual concert.  


Fund raising is part of the function of the ALMF and our income to pay for the scholarship is derived in part from the open mic nights but also from an annual raffle we run each year.  Through Lloyd Spiegel, a close friend of Alex Legg and the ALMF, we are able to purchase a limited edition Cole Clark guitar, the same as the one Alex played, but with the addition of Alex’ signature on the fretboard and an engraved lyric or title from Alex’ collection of songs.  The raffle is drawn at our end of year concert.


In addition to the above we have embarked on a series of showcase events where four acts, one being a headliner, perform for the night.  These occur at the rate of one or two per month, depending on venue availability and give an opportunity for developing artists to perform with more seasoned and experienced performers and to gain in experience.


Having set all this activity up in the memory and name of Alex Legg, many of us have mused on what Alex might think of it all.  We anticipate he would probably wonder what all the fuss was about -  but then he didn’t have the benefit of seeing himself from our perspective did he?      - Max Lees, former president of the ALMF

News from 2017 AGM

Following our AGM, the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation Board is happy to announce the appointment of Brian Baker as President, Darren Trott as Vice-President, Stewart Kohinga as Treasurer and Fred Hess as Secretary. We also have pleasure in welcoming Cathy Dobson and Michelle Chandler as Board members.


The Board thanks outgoing office bearers Max Less, Annie Dixon and Suzanne Diprose for their considerable contributions and commitment to the ALMF activities.


We look forward to continuing to support emerging songwriters and musicians during 2018. 

ALMF members Fred Hess and Suzanne Diprose enjoying a laugh at the Leggacy Sessions

ALMF members Fred Hess and Suzanne Diprose enjoying a laugh at the Leggacy Sessions

"Legacy of late musician Alex Legg to live on"”

Zoe Powell, Herald Sun

Alex Legg's signature on the fretboard

Unboxing the first "Alex Legg signature" Cole Clark guitar - with Dave Diprose and Neesy Smith